What is a preset?

A preset is a configuration of edits and adjustments saved in Lightroom, designed to give your photos more depth with a simple click of a button.

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Welcome to my edit tutorial walkthrough :)

All of my edits are done on LR only, However the steps mentioned can work with any editing software once you understand the editing process mentioned in the tutorial. 

Whats included:

-29min walkthrough 2 of my favorite photos.

-2 Presets

(Basic LR knowledge is recommended)

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what will I get?

Every Preset will come with every edit that I made to a specific photo, you'll be able to scroll through all my sliders, masks, color grading and minor adjustments. You'll receive 8 presets (DNG files) for Lightroom Pc/Mac and Lightroom Mobile. With instructions once purchased.

Available down below
  • Green Mellow

    Green Mellow is a portrait preset that works best with photos taken in the shade. It creates a moody attractive look. Green Mellow was also used on photo above.

  • Glow Mellow

    Glow Mellow is a portrait preset that gives your subject a glow. Best if used during golden hr, avoid harsh lighting.

  • Street Mellow

    My street preset (Street Mellow) is designed to give of the cinematic moody feel.

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