About me

David Guerrero

Hello, My name is  David. I am a 25 year old Texan from the great city of Austin, Tx. My work reflects the beauty of this city and its gorgeous people. I first picked up a camera in 2016. Since then, God’s grace has led me to the passion and enthusiasm I hope you see reflected in my shots. Capturing the beauty and poise that surrounds each human being in their very own, distinct individuality drives me out the door in the mornings.My next big goal is to follow the light that travels around the globe each day. I plan to capture smiles all over the world, creating memories for my subjects and images for the rest of the world to enjoy!

My Gear

I get asked a lot about my gear, so I thought I'd just add it here.

-Camera: Sony a7iv

-Lens: Sony 85 1.4

-POV: GoPro10

-Electric longboard

  • Jaden and Marcellus

    For this photo I used my favorite preset Green Mellow

    which adds depth to a photo. A gentle green touch to give it a moody rich feel.

    Preset: GREEN MELLOW

  • Riane and Nathan

    Love was in the air for these couple, for this image I used my Ocean Tide preset. To give the photo a calming cool feel to it.

    Preset: OCEAN TIDE

  • Lauren

    This photo I took, featuring Lauren. I used the Glow Mellow preset to enhance the natural colors which gives of a glow affect on the subject.

    Preset: Glow Mellow

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