What is a preset?

A preset is a configuration of edits and adjustments saved in Lightroom, designed to give your photos more depth with a simple click of a button.

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Mellow Pack V.1

Mellow Pack V.1

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8 Presets from the Mellowpack V.1 designed add a unique flavor to your photo.
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what will I get?

Every Preset will come with every edit that I made to a specific photo, you'll be able to scroll through all my sliders, masks, color grading and minor adjustments. You'll receive 8 presets (DNG files) for Lightroom Pc/Mac and Lightroom Mobile. With instructions once purchased.

Available down below
  • Green Mellow

    Green Mellow is a portrait preset that works best with photos taken in the shade. It creates a moody attractive look. Green Mellow was also used on photo above.

  • Glow Mellow

    Glow Mellow is a portrait preset that gives your subject a glow. Best if used during golden hr, avoid harsh lighting.

  • Street Mellow

    My street preset (Street Mellow) is designed to give of the cinematic moody feel.

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